We offer a VPN Option that with one account you can connect to United Kingdom Servers, USA Servers & Canadians Server with either PPTP or L2PT . From only £6.55 per month


You can also choose a Dedicated IP account for either UK or USA servers. From £9.60 per month

We also offer discounted options for quarterly and yearly sign ups.

Sign up today for only £2.99 First months subscription to a Lamnia Shared VPN is only £2.99 for the first month if you sign up today..

What is a VPN .............................? How does it work............................? Do I need any software or new equipment...........?

The answer to these and many more questions...

Video Tutorials

Our VPN is so easy to setup. You will be connected in minutes. To make it easier we have produced a set of videos to guide you step by step to connect, in Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome and Android.

Click Here to See the Videos and how easy a Lamnia VPN connection is.

Instant Activation

As soon as your payment instruction is received our system will send out your activation details straight away. No waiting around for hours and days you will be up and running in minutes.



Lamnia VPN For Security

We connect you to the internet through our 128 bit Enctypted Channel. By connecting through our servers based in the United Kingdom, USA and Canada your IP address is hidden and replaced with our servers. Giving you complete anonymity while you surf.


Lamnia VPN For Watching TV

Most Internet TV Players or i Players are restricted for viewing either for geographical or bandwidth issues. By placing your connection through our servers you can appear where you want to be and connect and enjoy the internet from that location.


Lamnia VPN for Freedom

A lamnia VPN not only offers excellent security for surfing the web. It also allows internet users to have the full freedom and benefits of the internet. Whether that be for Freedom of speech or the freedom to make a speech using Sykpe!


Simple and Easy Payment

Signing up for a lamnia VPN could not be easier. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Through paypal and Direct Bank Transfer.


Our VPN is designed to be easy to configure. With our fully illustrated tutorials and automated dialers we pride ourselves on being the most user friendly VPN service on the net.

But sometimes computers have a habit of not always doing as they are told. That is why we are here with our
Complete Customer Support
Whether you need Customer Service,
Technical or Billing

Just Click On the Chat With Us Button

We do not quibble or hide behind small print.If you do not like our service within 2 days of purchase.

No Questions Asked Full Refund


Buy with complete confidence. If you are not happy you do not pay a penny

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