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Why Choose Lamnia VPN

Choosing a VPN to suit your needs we understand can be a tricky process. With often many companies to choose from. Sometimes different products and services that seem similar but your not sure? Is the company reputable should I trust them with my money! With money in mind, please note we have been a verified Merchant with Paypal since 2008 ( see our Seal on the home page )

To make things easier we have put together reviews, comments and information about Lamnia VPN from all over the web.

Don't just take our word for it, every comment is linked back to the original site it was posted on. You can see these sites are some of the biggest, long established forums in many cases from long standing members.You can also see they are not all "gushing praise" from "satisfied customers" but simple practical comments and discussions between forum and blog writers who have found a Lamnia VPN connection that has provided them with many years useful service.

We even found an article from the LA Times, how they use Lamnia. If one of the biggest newspapers in the USA uses Lamnia you can be sure you are in safe hands. ( read more )  Infact 2 Articles, they really do like us... ( read more )

As you will see our reviews and comments are from World renown forums and websites; Apple!, Macrumours, Lonely Planet, Sports Websites, Expat Forums covering the globe and Newspapers, real people and companies using Lamnia, not reviews on dubious VPN review sites with questionable agendas.

Lanzarote Information

"...............The problem in the past has always been that the sites recognize that you are in Spain, and block the program element. The solution is to use a VPN, or virtual private network, like the one provided by Lamnia. Basically, by joining their network in the UK, any website you visit will be fooled into thinking you are actually in the UK........" (read more)

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Qatar Living

".................Try Lamnia, They have just got a shed load of 10GB servers.
It is the best one out there at the moment by a long long way. I would strongly recommend them - not the cheapest but the most reliable by far.
- I've tried most of the others and given up............" (read more)

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Apple Support Forum

".............Glad it worked out but just out of curiosity, where was your VPN connection to?........."

"...........It's a Uk proxy I use to watch the f1 via the BBC and also use the iplayer, the one I use is called lamnia....." (read more)


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The Technology Muse

"...........I use the Lamnia service........." (read more)


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"........I've been using for the past 2 weeks or so on the MBP and now on the iPad. It works great and i can enjoy all the US-restricted stuff like hulu, abc and the likes......." (read more)

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"..........I am a complete luddite, but recently subscribed to Lamnia. Even I managed to install it (one click and a password), works perfectly......." (read more)

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The Languedoc Page

"........The OH has just been watching Wimbledon on ours via Lamnia, lovely... ..." (read more)

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Cyprus Anglo Info

"..........I use Lamnia VPN and the internet is the only way i watch TV nowadays!!! Lamnia are well worth using......" (read more)

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Saints Web

".....I find Lamnia is very good quality and value. Good technical support......" (read more)

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Forums After Dawn

"......... im in australia i use the lamina vpn to make the iplayer think im based in the uk......." (read more)

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Email Discussions .Com

".........Lamnia is very easy to use, just a matter of copying a network connections dialer icon to the desktop. Hit the connect button and I am connected within a couple of second. Network performance seems unaffected.......... (read more)

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Live UK TV

"........The VPN I use is Lamnia because it gives access to primarily British TV, with US, Canadian and Dutch TV as a bonus......" (read more)

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Fodors .Com


".........I used Lamnia when I was in China in January. About $15.00 for the month, and worked a treat.

Will use it again when I am there this month........." (read more)

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Lonely Planet

".........try Lamnia.
I signed signed up tonight, and works OK here in Shanghai... Only here for 2 weeks, and purchased a one time only one month subscription......." (read more).


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Lonely Planet

".........Lamnia..Working well for me here....." (read more)

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Lamnia VPN was founded in 2007 by an experienced IT team of British Ex Pats. Lamnia finds iitself in the unique position of being able to provide a VPN solution to small businesses and individuals overseas.

Not only with the experience and knowledge to make sure our VPN technology is at the forefront but also from the unique perspective of expats to provide the services and support required when abroad.



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