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Choosing a VPN to suit your needs we understand can be a tricky process. With often many companies to choose from. Sometimes different products and services that seem similar but your not sure? Is the company reputable should I trust them with my money! With money in mind please note we have been a verified merchant with Paypal since 2008 ( see the seal on the homepage )

To make things easier we have put together reviews, comments and information about Lamnia VPN from all over the web.

Don't just take our word for it, every comment is linked back to the original site it was posted on. You can see these sites are some of the biggest, long established forums in many cases from long standing members.You can also see they are not all "gushing praise" from "satisfied customers" but simple practical comments and discussions between forum and blog writers who have found a Lamnia VPN connection that has provided them with many years useful service.

We even found an article from the LA Times, how they use Lamnia. If one of the biggest newspapers in the USA uses Lamnia you can be sure you are in safe hands. ( read more )  Infact 2 Articles, they really do like us... ( read more )

As you will see our reviews and comments are from World renown forums and websites; Apple!, Macrumours, Lonely Planet, Sports Websites, Expat Forums covering the globe and Newspapers, real people and companies using Lamnia, not reviews on dubious VPN review sites with questionable agendas.

Expat Forum

"...............You could also use a VPN provider like Lamnia to access IPlayer and also the new Seesaw service........"(read more)

JAMES3214 Moderator

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Gran Canaria Guru

".................As I said before we use Lamnia to access teh BBC, ITV, Channel 4 players and it works brilliantly............"(read more)

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".........When all is said and done however, Lamnia VPN is a professional service, that is targeting users from The UK, who want to stream region specific television shows. If this sounds like you, then it might be for you. Check them out at.........." (read more)


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English Forum Switzerland

"........I use Lamnia VPN on my iPad and Mac mini. Works great easy to setup and at Lamnia they have live support so if you are stuck they will talk you through it. Thats how I setup with them......." (read more)


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"........This service seems to offer a way of getting round that usual problem of watching UK TV online in France. http://www.lamnia.co.uk/......."(read more)

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Secret Lanzarote

"..........We have also found Lamnia a way of watching TV on your PC such as iplay ch4......."(read more)

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Formula 1 Blog

"........I plan to use me the same tactics as last year, run vpn via Lamnia (www.lamnia.co.uk). I've used their service almost daily since before last season and can not be anything but super happy. They have good speed, quick support and they are not that expensive either.... ..." (read more)

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ToyTown Germany

".........I have been using them for quite a while and never had a problem accessing any content from the UK......"(read more)

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Google Groups TunnelBlick

".Thanks for the DNS suggestion I'd totally missed it. I can confirm that with Tunnelblick and Lamnia running the google IP worked. ......" ( read more)

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Forum Exetel Australia

".........Try online viewing from countries where the round ball game has a following - eg, BBC. They won't knowingly stream to Australia, which is where a service like http://www.lamnia.co.uk/ comes in. ......."(read more)

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Living in Crete

"........I'm running “Vista” & using "Lamnia" on a very slow friends network in the south of Crete.........." (read more)

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Plex Forum

"........I'm trying to set up Viscosity so I can use a UK proxy through Lamnia, but haven't got my head around it all yet. Any advice much appreciated!......"(read more)

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"........ i live in canada and have a lamnia vpn account so i can acccess bbc programming........."(read more)

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British Expat Forum Australia


"...........I have been using these guys for the last two years and have had no problem with them at all:


Also they are uk based......" (read more)



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Wiziwig Australia

".......not sure If I can post it here??? Lamnia is the name of company. Hope I haven't broken any rules. If so I really appologize ADMINS.
Hope that will help dirtyvision. they want only £6 per month, which is not that expensive. I've also read reviews and ppl were very satisfied......"(read more)

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