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About Lamnia VPN Lamnia VPN  

Lamnia VPN was founded in 2007 by an experienced IT team of British Ex Pats. Lamnia finds iitself in the unique position of being able to provide a VPN solution to small businesses and individuals overseas.

Not only with the experience and knowledge to make sure our VPN technology is at the forefront but also from the unique perspective of expats to provide the services and support required when abroad.




Lamnia VPN For Security

We connect you to the internet through our 128 bit Enctypted Channel. By connecting through our servers based in the United Kingdom, USA and Canada your IP address is hidden and replaced with our servers. Giving you complete anonymity while you surf.


Lamnia VPN For Watching TV

Most Internet TV Players or i Players are restricted for viewing either for geographical or bandwidth issues. By placing your connection through our servers you can appear where you want to be and connect and enjoy the internet from that location.

Lamnia VPN for Freedom

A lamnia VPN not only offers excellent security for surfing the web. It also allows internet users to have the full freedom and benefits of the internet. Whether that be for Freedom of speech or the freedom to make a speech using Sykpe!
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