Setting up OPEN VPN on Mac OSX 10.5,10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9

The following instructions will take you step by step in setting up your VPN using OPEN VPN keep an eye on the Red arrows as they will point you in the right direction..

1. Go Online and Google "Tunnelblick" This is opensource software that enables you to setup OPEN VPN on a Mac.

2. Double Click on The "Download TunnelBlick" Link
3. Then Double Click on TunnelBlick 3.2.6

4.Now double click on Tunnelblick_3.2.6.dmg to begin the download

5. The dmg download will normally appear in your download file. ( we have moved to our desktop for display purposes ) double click on the dmg icon to begin the install.

6.A new window for Tunnelblick will open.Double click on the Tunnelblick Icon as instructed.

7. Your system should flag up that the download is from the internet, but it is safe to proceed so click Open.

8. Tunnelblick needs to be moved to your application folder. If you have an admin password you will be required to enter that here then click OK.
9. A small window will now pop up. Please click launch.
10.Again your computer is likely to warn you that your download has come from the internet. Again click Open.
11. You will have been emailed a link to your configuration file. Please download these to your desktop for ease of use. Then click on I have configuration files.
12.Click on OpenVPN Configuration. Becareful the other option is usually highlighted.
13.Now choose Open Private Configuration Folder. Again becareful as the other option will be highlighted.
14. A new window will have opened with the Tunnelblick icon in it. Open your configuration folder from Lamnia and either drag all the contents or copy all the contents to the Tunnelblick folder.
15. The Tunnelblick configuration folder should now look like this. You can click Done and close all the windows now.
16.In the top right hand corner of the screen you will see the Tunnelblick icon.
17. Click on this icon and the list of servers available to connect with will appear. If you have a Dedicated account only your unique server will appear. Click on the server you wish to connect to.
18. Your computer will probably ask for your administrator username and password. Enter these and press OK
19.You will now be asked for your Lamnia VPN username and password. You will find these in your welcome email. Enter these and press OK
20.You should now see the Tunnel icon lit up showing the VPN is connected.


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