Setting up OPEN VPN on Windows

The following instructions will take you step by step in setting up your VPN using OPEN VPN keep an eye on the Red arrows as they will point you in the right direction..

1. Download the OpenVPN software from

2. Double Click on TheWindows Installer Link
3.A window will pop up then click on Run Then when the start up wizard opens click Next

4.Now choose I agree to the terms and conditions

5. Make sure all boxes are ticked then press Next

6.Click on Install.

7.Once the installation process is finished click on Finish. During Installation process you may be asked to confirm the installation by your computer.

8. On your desktop you will see the OpenVPN client. Right click on this
9. And choose properties from the menu that appears
10.Click on the compatiability tab
11. Make sure "Run this program as an administrator" is ticked then Press Apply, OK
12.Use windows explorer and open c:\program files\Openvpn\config folder
13.Now open the LamniaSharedConfig Folder. This will have been emailed to you
14.Now copy or drag all the Lamnia Files into the Open Config Folder
15. In the bottom right hand corner you will now see the OpenVPN icon
16.Now choose one of the servers to connect with. If you have a dedicated account you will only see your unique server.
17. A login window will appear. You need to enter your Lamnia VPN detail. You will have these in your welcome email
18. A notification will pop up to show you are now connected to the VPN