Setting up your VPN under Windows XP
Setting up access under Windows XP is simple. The following instructions go step by step through the creation process.

1. Open Network Connections
First, open the ‘Network Connections’ folder by going to the Start Menu and selecting Settings->Network Connections. It may also be located in Settings->Control Panel->Network Connections.

2. Click on the "Create a new connection" in the Network Tasks task pad

3. Click Next.

4. Select the connection type
Next, select ‘Connect to the network at my workplace ’ and click the ‘Next’ button.

5. Click Virtual Private Network connection, and then click Next
6. Enter the Company Name
On this screen, type ‘Lamnia VPN’ for the Company Name and click the ‘Next’ button.
7. Set auto-connect
On this screen, click “Do not dial the initial connection” and click the ‘Next’ button.
8. Enter the Lamnia server name
On this screen, type ‘(server addressin the Welcome email there is a handbook attached that lists all the server addresses. Or for dedicated accounts you will find your single server address)’ and click the ‘Next’ button. ‘*********’ is the host name of our US server. For Canada Server type ‘**********’ and for UK type ‘*********’.
9. Click to select the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop check box if you want one, if not, then leave it unchecked and click finish.

10. Set Username and Password
Next, we'll set up the connection settings.
In the ‘User Name’ box, enter your Lamnia username. In the ‘Password’ box, enter yourLamnia VPN password. Optionally, click ‘Save Password’ to save your password as part of the connection.

then click ‘Properties’

11. Click the ‘Security’ tab, Then click Setting.

In this section make sure that the Date encryption is set to "Optional encryption".

And the below options should be checked:

- Allow these protocols
-- Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)

Then click "OK".

In pop up window Click on Yes.

Then click the OK Button.

Now your are ready to use the Lamnia VPN Connection!

Setting up an L2TP/IPsec connection (Optional)

By default, Windows sets the VPN connection type to PPTP. For better security, you should continue and set your connection up to be an L2TP/IPsec connection. To do that, continue on.

Open the Lamnia connection and click ‘Properties’

12. Click the ‘Networking’ tab.

13. Next click the scroll down menu and change the ‘Type of VPN’ from ‘Automatic’ to ‘L2TP IPsec VPN’ and click ‘OK’.

14 .Click the ‘Security’ tab, then click the ‘IPsec Setttings...’ button.
15. In the next window, click the checkbox and type ‘the shared secret found in the Welcome Email’ as the key and click ‘OK’. (NUMBER BELOW IS AN EXAMPLE, USE SECRET IN WELCOME EMAIL )

16. Click Ok.That's it.

After this, the connection will use L2TP/IPsec instead of PPTP.
Note that if the connection fails, try changing the connection back to PPTP or Automatic.



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