What is A VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

A VPN provides a secure way to access network resources over the Internet or other public or private networks and allows you to connect to a remote network and become a node on that network. VPNs use tunneling, encryption, authentication, and access control over a public network at the same time for security.

Although they often use public networks, VPNs inherit the characteristics of a private network, thus the "Virtual" Private Network.

A VPN can be a better alternative to traditional connections in Public Places such as Hot Spots, or open wifi connections. Connecting the user through a secure encrypted tunnel to their destination. Without risking attack from the open network.

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How Does it Work?

VPNs create "virtual" point-to-point connections using a technique called tunneling.

As the name suggests, tunneling acts like a "pipe" which penetrates through a network to connect two points. Normally activated by remote users, tunneling encrypts data into standard TCP/IP packets and encapsulates it for safe transmission across the Internet.

VPN ensures the confidentiality and integrity of information as it travels over the public internet because it requires:

Remote user identity authentication

Secure private transmission of data (no unauthorized listeners

Verification of unadulterated data transmission

The VPN connection behaves like this:

You connect to the Internet in the normal manner, through your ISP.

The VPN client software on your computer initiates a connection with the VPN server.

The VPN server encrypts the data on the connection so it cannot be read by others while it is in transit.

The VPN server decrypts the data and passes it on to other servers and resources.

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How does it let me watch TV

Many program and video broadcasters on the internet restrict access to their video content. This is mostly due to bandwidth and geographical issues. However nearly all restrictions are impossed by Geographical IP address blocks.

If a broadcaster blocks all IP addresses other than for their region. ie the BBC iPlayer blocking all users without a UK connection and therefore a UK IP addess. By connecting through a VPN to a UK based server. Your connection onwards to the internet is from the UK therefore meeting the requirements of the broadcaster.

With our network of United Kingdom, United States and Canadian servers gives you the opportunity to connect to most of the worlds main broadcasters wherever you are in the world.


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How soon do I get connected

As soon as we receive your payment instruction from either Paypal or Google Checkout your account will be activated and issued instantly. Occasionally the payment process may take a few minutes.

Between 2am and 7am BST the issue time will be slightly slower for security reasons.


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Do I need any software?

Simple answer is no. We provide free to download from the Set Up page, an automated dialer which is a short program that configures your connection to our VPN.

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Do I need any special equipment?

Again simple answer is no. However you might want to look at purchasing some cable connections to link your computer to your main TV to watch the online programs.

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How do I change my email address?

As described in our terms and conditions we only send correspondence and login details to your registered Payment email address ( usually your Paypal email address ) For security reasons we will not send any information deemed sensitive to any other address. Therefore if you wish to receive renewal, login or update details to a different email address other than your registered email address, you must change with your Payment provider. This will then update our system automatically.

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Are there any other costs?

None! With our Single Payment Option, there are no recurring billing payments. You can pay for the period of time you require, thats it. If you choose to be billed as a subscription then your payments are handled by Paypal so all accounts can be managed, cancelled by you from your PayPal account.

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Do you have a bandwidth limit?

No. Our VPN is un metered and unlimited.

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Do you log my activity?

No we only log connections to our servers for technical support and these logs are only kept for 5 days.

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Is it difficult to set up?

If you are using Windows it can be a matter of 6 clicks and enter your details. If you decide to do a manual configuartion or are setting up on a Mac, our step by step tutorials and 24/7 live support will guide you through.

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If I want a refund what do I do?

Obviously we hope you are happy with our service, but if for whatever reason you are not happy in the first 3 days. Thensend a support ticket through Ask a Question on the home page and we will arrange the refund. If it is within the first 24 hours we won't even ask why?

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How fast are your servers?

All our servers have a 1GB port speed, making them the fastest connections available.

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How Can I contact you?

For sales, customer service or technical support we can be contacted on our live support or by email.





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Where are you based?

We are based in London in the UK. We also have technical operators in France, Thailand, Germany and the USA so we understand the needs and requirements for a VPN


Our Dynamic, Dedicated & Open VPN services are all available with a Full 24 hour Free Trial.

We have 100% Confidence in our VPN service and we want you to feel the same before you spend a Penny. So to test for 24 hours please enjoy the Free Trial.

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